Checking in

Hey everyone, I’ve gotten back into the running groove for the most part. There is a reason for my absence though. Without giving up too much, firstly, this year has been a challenge so far. My energies have been elsewhere, you will find out about that when the time is right.
It’s almost time to pack up life and head back to the US for a few months as well, which is just, it’s not as exciting as it should be. It’s odd, my of my students dream of being able to visit anywhere in the US, I get to travel when I can afford it, and it’s more a source of dread for me at this point. Yes, I want to see my friends, and most of my family, but the fact is the people I don’t want to deal with, those I have to deal with because of their proximity, well it causes me no end of stress.
I had been doing good with getting that under control and putting those anxieties out of my mind, but the last couple of days it has been pretty bad. Who wants to deal with that? I think next Summer I will not be going back to the US for any sizeable amount of time. Maybe just a couple of weeks at the end of August. It has been almost 3 years now and no one has visited me, I have been back to the US 4, going on 5 times. People need to start making plans, that’s all.
Speaking of plans, things aren’t necessarily going to change here, but as I said my energies are elsewhere, and if I can manage to make it work, things will become very different. I don’t expect to knock it out of the park with my first at bat, but I think I have something going that I can definitely work with, I just have to be patient. Hopefully, once the heavy lifting with this project is complete I will be able to give you guys the attention you deserve, all 90 of you.

Have fun, keep running and remember; If Gil can run then so can you!

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