The US for the Summer

Hey everyone, yeah I’ve been horrible, it has been like 2 months, what he fuck is up with that? Right now, the rain is fucking pouring down, I need to sleep and I’m hating life. I mean I have said this before, I love most of my family, but when I’m here I have so much bullshit to put up with. That my car was destroyed a couple weeks before I got back here makes it so much worse.
Anyway, I’ve actually signed up for some races and even a marathon. So I’ve been training to not be awful, I’m figuring to go for 5 hours again, like my first marathon. It’s going to be difficult, but today I did 20 miles. OK, just under 20 miles. It was ok, I walked a lot at the end, it was not a great day for running.
So that project I said I was working on, the rough draft is done. So from there I have a lot of editing it to. That’s the really hard part I think, but I’ve gone this far, I may as well continue and get the damned thing done. I’ve also started accumulating the gear I need to do proper voiceover work again and perhaps a proper twitch stream. But those things will wait until I’m back in Italy. Which brings me to the reason I’m writing.
I’m homesick, like really homesick. There has been so much going on in Trani this summer and so many people have been posting all the awesome things happening and I’m missing it. It’s brutal. In a couple weeks, Sting and Shaggy are playing a free concert, literally .25 miles from my apartment and I won’t be there.
Just under two months until I get back, and hopefully this move I made will work out for the best. I will hope I have the time to do all the amazing things I’m planning and do it all well. I’d also like to try and get back to the Maratona Delle Cattedrale and go for a sub 3:45. The Hokas seem to be doing well for me. My ankles are feeling better, I’d have more mobility if I stretched properly, or at all.
Anyway, I need to get to bed. I have to wake up and drive my mom to work, so I have a car tomorrow to get things to make my mom’s house a little better. As I plan to not return next summer for any appreciable time, I want to get everything as well set as I can this summer.
Also, a new tattoo may be coming soon. That will be fun.
Oh, one more thing (totally Columbo of me), seems a bunch of my friends from a while ago seem to have forgotten who the fuck I am. I haven’t changed who I am at all, so knock off the bullshit.

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil Can Run, then so can you!

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