I can almost see the finish line

So close to the end of the school year here. I can’t wait to be done and see what the Summer brings me. It’s off to a weird start. Sometimes people just don’t take responsibility for what they’ve done. It is what it is. I had fun yesterday though. I haven’t been swimming in a long time. Generally, ever since I separated my acromioclavicular joint freshman year of college, swimming is painful for me. But yesterday, I even did some freestyle strokes, and no pain, no numbness, no discomfort. Well, except the water in my ear.
The other thing is, I’m getting dark again. Not metaphorically, I’m just dark when I spend time in the Sun. I spent all day out in the Sun, and I got to drive. I haven’t driven a car since January. It was glorious, a shitty, old, 5-speed FIAT Seicento (600). It was fantastic. Windows down, no radio, no bells and whistles, just a car, me, my friend in the passenger seat (we had gone to meet other friends in Ischia), the road, and a bright, sunny day. There aren’t a lot of roads on Ischia, so there isn’t much chance to get lost which is nice.
Of course my battery died in no time, and nowhere on that island do they have a reasonably priced car cigarette lighter adapter for a USB charger. I found one in the WIND store (mobile provider) and they wanted €16 for it! €16 euros for something that is usually $1 in the States! Fuck that! I have to try and find one, or I am bringing some back with me, because that’s just unacceptable.
Today, just relaxing and working. Have to work late, as I have to administer a test to some students, we’re not allowed to give the final exams to our own students, which makes perfect sense. What would stop a teacher from cheating to make themselves look better? So yeah, one good thing.
Oh quick #MeatlessMonday tip! After you prepare your seitan, fry, bake, or do whatever you would normally do to the meat you are replacing with it. Makes the dish even better!
Alright, I’m going to make some luscious lunch (I’ve been using that word this weekend). I’ll see you all on the flip side!

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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