Thankfully, tomorrow is an off-day!

Seriously, I was dragging so much ass out there today! Then at the end, I was so sweaty, the watch rebooted and chopped off 0.1 mile! What a pain. So that’s that. What sucks is the blister, that hurt so bad and I had to keep my mind on staying off of it.
I worry about any changes to my stride, that it may cause injury or excessive discomfort. It seems I got through today alright. Hopefully, I can get back to normal on Saturday. No I won’t be healed, but maybe it won’t hurt so much, the nerves that are so exposed now won’t be. Either way I will cruise to my normal 120 miles per month.
Physically, I feel good. I worry the extreme downtime may be getting to me mentally. It is tough being idle for so long, with basically nothing but running. Trying very hard to stay away from sugary drinks and eating my way through this lull. It’s easy to be disciplined and stay on course when things are running along like clockwork. It’s when things break down, that’s when you really have to stay focused. I’ve slipped a little bit, but I think as long as I focus on drinking water the rest comes along.
Hopefully, in a few weeks I’ll be back into a routine and things will settle. I do need a schedule and I need some external structure sometimes. Routine isn’t always a bad thing. But tomorrow I rest, I need it. I need a little recovery.

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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