Back to the races!

In the morning I go after a new challenge. The 3rd edition of the Maratona Delle Cattedrali. I have been running every day, as is my challenge in the Holiday Season. I have been neglecting you, as my schedule has been a little more taxing than I was anticipating. My mile this morning was nothing to write home about, but I have been running well, and feel good for tomorrow. It seems we will have good weather for this venture.
I am feeling good, but I am worried about tomorrow. It’s been a long time since my last marathon. Can I stay focused? I don’t know. If my training runs are any indication, it should be no worse than any of my others, and if my shorter runs are any indication, I could PR. It’s a fairly good course, not much in the way of hills, only going into and out of Bisceglie. This is the closest a marathon course has ever come to my home. When we turn to go to the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Trani, I will be within 0.10 miles of my apartment. That part is the same road I run every day, and the course continues around the port and down the lungomare like I do most days. So I am familiar with this part of the course, which is good.
Overall, while excessively annoying and unnecessary, the medical exam wasn’t that bad. It’s basically a stress test. So if you want to run in Italy, which you should come visit and run, get a medical certificate done. If you want ask, and I’ll find a link for you. They’re good for a year, and your doctor wherever you are can fill it out. Apparently, you have to have one to do anything athletic in this country. Anyway, it will be a nice run, good weather, beautiful scenery, and let’s hope good support. Although looking at the planned aide stations, no food until 25km into the race. I am packing an energy bar in case, I definitely will need something one hour in. I don’t want to bonk.
Then, I just have to finish up my classes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then it’s travel time. Vacation in the US! To see my family of course. If they weren’t there, I really would have no reason to go back. Sorry friends, I live in the far superior destination now, you need to get your asses on planes and come visit. I will always try to have a place with at least an extra bed. I certainly know enough places with good deals for rooms too. The point is, come visit.
I am cutting it short tonight, I have to stretch and relax and make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow morning. When I wake up in the morning and see how I’m feeling I’ll make my judgements about what goals I want out of tomorrow. As always, right now, I’m figuring between 4-4:30 hours. We will see. Hope everyone in the Northeast US is faring well against the snow. Hope everyone in my running club had fun at the Christmas Party last night, sorry I couldn’t be there!

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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