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So I’m technically done with work, but I’m still doing some classes here and there “out of contract”, even though I am signed on for next year too. So I finished work at 5pm, headed to the train station, which the Trenitalia website said the train left at 5:15 (no way I could make it from where I worked to the station in 15 minutes, even with a co-worker driving me). But it turns out the train was scheduled for 5:35, lucky me! So I got back to the apartment, started making sauce for tonight, since I’m out. Ran to the bakery around the corner to get bread, because I’m out. Then put the sauce on to simmer and went for my run. I was flying, I ended up doing the same course I ran on Tuesday, and I destroyed my fastest time. I was amazed at the ease I felt in the run. No pain, and I even was slowed down by a bug bite. Something got me pretty well. It was more painful, and after the run had a larger bump, than a mosquito bite, but way less painful (and less deadly for me) than a bee sting. No idea what it was, as I have not seen any other biting/stinging insects around here, I will have to look into it.
Tomorrow the plan is Sun and sea! I have a little bit of shopping to do, I should be out of wine, running low on pasta, chocolate, need some mushrooms and veggies. I get to really relax. I even started writing my final exam for my course which ends next week. It has been fun and a little challenging, which is good. It has exposed me to a new part of the city for me too, not that exciting or historic part of the city, but still. Saturday the plan right now is Lecce, see the sites there, take lots of pictures. It may change depending, we shall see. Then Sunday it’s all Castello Svevo in Bari! Free museum Sunday in Italy. The first Sunday of the month, all State museums are free admission. I’ve seen the castles in Barletta, and obviously Trani (I live 1/4 mile from it), but I haven’t visited the main one in Bari. I’ve never even explored the Bari Centro Storico (Central Historic District). I do have to work on Monday, but it’s not a big deal, only one class. So I’m not too concerned.
I have to start worrying about packing up and getting ready for my Summer. Again, something I’ll worry about later. When I was running this evening, as I got to the top of the fort, there was a couple taking a selfie with the cathedral in the background. I’ve talked about selfies before, but I don’t understand why people must put themselves in these pictures. I’m not judging people’s relationships or anything, but if it’s meant to last, I don’t see the purpose of taking a picture together constantly. It might be my bias, in that I remember things pretty well all the time. Maybe people forget more than I do and the pictures really help them remember. But I think we should be able to remember the time just by looking at the amazing thing we went to see, without having our faces in it. It’s like good horror films, where you don’t see the scary thing until the critical moment, the anticipation is supposed to make it better. Why aren’t we like that with our pictures anymore? I don’t add anything to the Statue of David, or the Veiled Christ, or the Cathedral of Saint Nicolas the Pilgrim in Trani.
We can appreciate things, we can participate in things, we can be great and have amazing experiences without making them about us. It goes back to humility, like I was saying the other day. We need to appreciate things outside of ourselves, appreciate things on their own timeline, not the arbitrary and terse timeline we all live on. Once we start thinking of ourselves as part of a Global community, as part of a whole, instead of the center, then we can really start to tackle the problems which face us. The fact is, we are facing the single greatest threat humanity will likely know for many, many centuries to come (assuming we survive). I cannot stress this enough, we are in the biggest existential threat humanity has ever seen. The science is not only sound, but it is definitive. We are causing this, and we can fix it (maybe not in time). But, luckily the technologies that will fix this, will also give us the ability to hopefully move off-world if it comes to that.
This is an all-hands situation though. As I write this tonight, the Orange Bag of Garbage has announced his intention to withdraw the US from the best start humanity could muster at really tackling this EXISTENTIAL THREAT. I really can’t stress this enough. Our existence is at stake.
I get that sometimes I can be a bit pedantic about things. But it needs to be made clear that it is an important point, and that there is no alternative there. Anything you hear about the science not being sound is bullshit, like the cigarette companies did for years about smoking causing lung cancer. We’ve known since the 40s what has been happening here. Not the 60s or 70s or 80s like people believe, the 40s. I am now going to pen a missive to my EU and Italian representatives and ask them to avoid business dealings with any US company not sticking to the agreement, and to officially sanction the United States Administration for this action. What else can I do, my US representatives are going to fight this. But until Dumpster Fire Supreme understands people aren’t going to put up with this, he’ll keep going.
I have to use the original too much, so I’ll use a great cover:

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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