Half a year done

We’re midway through 2017. Let’s hope overall the second half is better than this joke of a first half with these idiots running things. Although we beat a fascist in France, and dealt a big blow to the near-fascist neo-cons in the UK. Meanwhile, on the running front, I’m just about at where I want to be for the year, I think 3 miles short overall. If I keep up my current distance I’ll go over 1600 miles (2575 km). My heel is getting better, my knee is still a little tweaked, but overall, halfway there, I feel pretty good. But my speed is not there right now, of course, injury right? I mean that’s the way it goes.
So I did run yesterday and Wednesday. Yesterday’s run was actually pretty good, but I am tired. I have done lots of miles over the last two weeks, so there’s so fatigue there. I’m also not doing well given that things are slow here. No one needs any help and the couple places that have, not interested in someone leaving at the end of September. That’s getting me down a little bit. It is tough here, I actually forgot how it all makes me feel. Unless I had a very compelling reason, I don’t think I could come back here full time. My friends and family are great and all, but it just isn’t the same.
The political situation doesn’t help matters for sure. The Traffic Cone Con said some really nasty things about a morning news show host yesterday, and it was unreal. I mean the baseless idiocy, the cruelty of these tweets was way beneath the dignity of the office he occupies (I feel illegally). I can be pretty mean to people sometimes, but this was so awful. He’s like a child who never got disciplined. He’s the most spoiled known human being in existence, no sense of propriety or decency. I’ve always known this, this is not a shock to me, it’s so disgusting to see people defend it or attempt to. It’s disgusting to see it being referred to as “leadership.” I have so many problems with modern “First World” nations and their policies in general. I don’t agree with any party, philosophically, ethically, I’m closest to the Greens. But the Greens (at least in the US) do nothing to actually build a movement and take over a system which needs to be changed. It seems like angry rich people just buying losing presidential bids. No attempt at local organization, you never see Green Party candidates for Board of Education or Town Council.
Well, the higher inequality goes the closer we get to violent revolution. That’s just what you see as you look through history. So I suppose there’s that. But I think that’s a fairly long way off at this point. So we will see and try to be patient.
All I know is I’ve been in the US for two weeks and I’m stressed out.

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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