A weekend off, but a busy week

I did not run this weekend, instead I am going to push myself this week. So I got out today for a 10 miler. I really should have put on band-aids, I am in pain. But I’d rather have a sore nipple than the ankle pain I’ve been dealing with for months. Which is getting better. I can walk in the mornings and the pain isn’t keeping we awake at night. There is still some tenderness at times, but it is definitely improving. I will use this week to really see how it’s going.
That’s the thing with running, there’s almost always some pain. Definitely always discomfort. But you just keep going. It doesn’t matter if you’re running for your health like I do, or if you’re running for accolades like Galen Rupp, which good on him winning the Chicago Marathon yesterday. You keep moving and you hopefully hit your goals. It’s so difficult sometimes, but when you look back and see what you’ve accomplished there’s such a great feeling to it.
It’s so weird, I was just looking at today’s run and I really felt great out there, and then Strava tells me I’ve run the course once before, and was a second faster per km…Are you joking Strava? Trying to kill my buzz? It’s ok, I didn’t slow down, I didn’t pull up anywhere. So staying within a second is fine by me. Plus I feel I stayed on my midfoot pretty well, I don’t think I was heel striking the whole time. That project has been going well, as evidenced by the fact my heel is healing while I’m still running. I’m not getting any faster, but I had slowed down so much I’m happy to be back at my normal pace.
That is the next project once I’m healthy, really start working on speed and core strength. I really think I can still break 20 mins in a 5k. We shall see how that progresses. I need to find more 5ks to run around here. It can be difficult when I have to work Saturday mornings, but I imagine there must be some Sunday races. I just need to find them. Then I need to start scouting for Asian and African marathons, and cheap airfare which coincides with the races. Because I really need to get those two continents off the list. I lost focus on that this year, and most of last year honestly. It’s been a difficult few months really. It is high time I refocus my efforts on the things I really want to do. It’s time to get some new accomplishments going, time to start hitting some new goals.
I get that you can’t constantly be driving at full pace, you need to slow down sometimes and rest, but I fear I have taken too long right now with some things and really need to get myself back on track.
Speaking of which, I had to run to work yesterday and meant to finish this when I got home and never did. My internet installation was postponed this morning, I have to wait until next week now. But oh well. So anyway, I’ll publish this now and then see what I have when I get back from today’s run! It may be two for Tuesday!

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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