Gil Can Run Show Episode 11

Wow, yeah. This was a heavy show. We talk about vagina exercises apparently, and my natural inquisitiveness and how it gets me in trouble and misunderstood. Then I go on a whole thing about how to take the power back from the man! Yes really. I get into it again, and then I talk about how I am going to try and make my own gummies to eat while running.

Be sure to share with everyone if you find it interesting, or cool, or stupid!

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  • Miss Kyla says:

    Entertaining and informative. I enjoyed it. The vagina weight “lifting” ha! I suppose it is more of a holding as you use the legs to lift you up while the vagina holds the weight. There are a variety of shapes of Kegel weights/exercise equipment. Ten pounds is quite the feat. The order of getting food is a thing. There are two main beliefs there. One is the man gets the food first because he makes the money, which I suppose is an antiquated ideal passed down far too long. The other is that children should eat first, well because it’s your job to feed them.

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