Finally I have a minute to collect some thoughts

Well not really any thoughts. Here is the data from Saturday night. What a run. Saw lots of friends, made some new ones. The atmosphere in Astoria park is always fun, and plenty of support from onlookers. Even had to bust a “Your Mom” joke on some kids that were heckling some runners. No seriously, there was a group of 15-20 kids being loud and obnoxious after the pool closed. They were feigning to give people “5” and then spinning away and laughing and everything. Well, I ended up passing my them a second time, and the main kid, the “leader”, was yelling at someone, I couldn’t see who and calling them a “bitch”. Well, junior, don’t hang around too long when you’re being an ass near me. Because as I passed I said “I get why you kids are so angry, after your moms told you how good I was last night!” Seriously, don’t mess with the nerdy kid who has no fear, you’re gonna loose.
If you’re ever considering a 6 hour run though, I’d highly recommend this race, it’s always a blast. So this year people did a lot more miles than it seemed last year. I was 10th in mileage last year with just over 50K (31.1 mi), but with just 4 less miles I was 30th this year. Or maybe 31st? Doesn’t matter. But I wasn’t the only one who had some struggles. My friend Al wasn’t feeling well, but he pushed hard in the second half and got himself just over marathon distance. Kate had run a 7 miler in the morning and still ran strong that night. Elliot and his wife Jen ran, they got though, Jen managed her first marathon! Bill and Dotti did great and I managed to finish alongside Bill, we almost got to the 2000 yard marker, but just ran out of time on our respective final loops. Anyway, the point is, a small event like that is great particularly when you know so many people running it!
So I was in plenty of pain, that’s for sure. My right knee, and whatever the issue is I’ve been having is horrible. I actually walked almost the last two hours. I was just trying to keep myself under 15 minute miles, until I was sure I’d have a marathon distance. There was so much pain though, the last lap I actually put some ice in my towel and tied it around the back of my knee. It provided pretty good relief actually and Bill and I ran pretty hard during the last minute. I also picked up a blister on my right pinky toe. Yeah, I haven’t popped it. Usually I pop blisters but unsure if I want to risk it on the foot. And my plantar fascia on my left foot is swollen and in pain as well. What do I expect? Back to back marathons something was going to hurt. All in all, while I definitely pushed too hard, I more than happy with the accomplishment and definitely made the right choice to do this. I’m glad I was able to achieve this goal this year.
As if that wasn’t enough, I then got home this morning, slept a few hours, and went to my house to see if my general contractor could use my help. He says, “Sure, could you cut the repair pieces for the basement bathroom drywall?” Could I? Well hell yes! I’m actually a pretty skilled person when it comes to stuff like that. So I spent my morning and afternoon doing that. Came home and started packing, as we have to move our stuff back by the end of the week. Exciting times, stressful times. I hope I’ll be able to give you guys a show on Friday. Well, anyway, my weekend is over, time to sleep. Have fun and keep running, cause if Gil can run, then so can you!

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