Packing for the move

Either way, I have to move on Friday. Out of the rental house, even though it looks like my house won’t be done. So I’m cleaning up some old paperwork, putting my crap in boxes and I go to grab my medals off the dresser. Now I don’t have any pre-July 2014 medals right now, because they were all in the fire and the cleanup people took them to their warehouse. So I’m figuring, not too many medals right? I’ve run 18 races since the fire. Moreover, the BUS 6 hour Pajama Romp was the first race I ran after the fire. So they bookend the picture, I put all the medals in order.
So let’s see if we can go left to right:
6 Hour Pajama Romp (31 mi, 50k completed), Craft Brew 5k, New Haven Road race (20k), Gulf Beach Half Marathon, Yonkers Marathon, Buenos Aires Marathon, Brooklyn Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, Roxbury Marathon, Arena Attack XL Center Marathon, Caumsett 50k, Savin Rock Marathon, New Jersey Marathon, Hamden Hills Half Marathon, Vermont City Marathon, Walkway Marathon, Marathon Around the Lake, and 6 Hour Pajama Romp (27.5 mi completed). I did not get anything I remember for the Colchester Half Marathon and you  don’t get medals for the Branford Road Race. So that’s a lot of hardware, I also gathered two pint glasses. I don’t have a problem!
Other than that, I went to the dentist today, it was a great cleaning and checkup, maybe we’ll talk about the importance of good dental hygiene this week! Alright, have fun, keep running and if Gil Can run, then so can YOU!

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