Best race I’ve ever run!

The humidity stayed away and, while it was sunny, this year’s edition of the New Haven Road Race was fantastic. Start to finish this is the best race I have ever run! Let’s look at the stats: go ahead click it! There are a couple spots I feel I could have done a little better, but from start to finish, I feel I stayed focused, I didn’t waste too much energy. It’s very tough for me to not waste energy, to not be excited, to not yell out and be supportive. I want to have fun, I want to entertain, I hate being in crowds, being obnoxiously fun to be around is what makes me comfortable being around too many people. It sound weird, but that’s how it is. So to control that, to not say hi to everyone I pass, to just focus on where I was and what I was doing, that was huge. Most importantly, when I got tired, I didn’t allow myself to walk, and I didn’t really allow myself to slow down. Even when I ended up with UCann up my nose at the last aid station I just kept going. If I hadn’t started in the back of the pack, I think I would have done even better. But I was really happy with this race. I hope I can improve on it in a couple weeks at Gulf Beach Half. Next week is the Suffolk County Marathon, I know a couple friends will be there, so that will be fun. I will work on my focus, but I doubt I will be doing 8-8:15/mi (4:30-5/km) the whole way.
I am just really happy with my performance, I’m very proud of myself for keeping my mind and body from wandering, and for not giving up even when the going got tough. There are some challenges in the last couple miles. I hope you all had a great Labor Day, that you all had fun, enjoyed the day, and got home/get home safely! Have fun, keep running, because if Gil can run, then so can you! and how!

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