So My Grandma’s 96

Yep, you heard me right, scary thing is her older sister has her beat by 5 years. Most of her family lived a really long time, out of 14 siblings, that’s fairly amazing, so who knows. Anyway, that’s what I spent my day doing, preparing and whatnot for her birthday party which just wrapped up. But I did get my run in, 7.7 miles at a very good pace, probably the strongest run I’ve had since Hartford.
Let’s break down that run, my fastest time up the hill next to my house, 0.33 miles (0.5km) where you climb about 90 feet over that distance. It is the fastest 10k on my Garmin, where I did one in 49:17 today it seems. I have never run a 10k race, so I have no race time to compare it to. I’ve noticed on longer runs my Garmin tends to not record the heart rate data, I need to look into that. It felt good overall, the smoothie I had for breakfast was like a brick in my gut by mile 5 though. I kept moving and stayed on pace though.
The best part about today’s run was that it put me just over 1500 miles (2414 km) for the year, so my final goal has been reached. That was a great feeling, as my family has started getting sick all around me. I was thinking I would end up coming down with something and be forced to only trudge through one mile per day barely hitting my goal by the end of the year. Now I can go as far, or as short as I want in my runs and I won’t worry or feel guilty. Although, over the next few days I want to run long thanks to all the over-eating I’ll surely do. Unfortunately the Holidays mean going to many people’s homes and they all have something you “have” to try, and it’s rude not to. Plus there’s all my mom’s homemade cookies, which I want to enjoy the best I can, as who knows how much longer I’ll get to enjoy them for. I did not hear anything today, I hope I hear something tomorrow, I’ve been anxiously awaiting some news, and as soon as I have it I will share it with all of you.
Right now, I’ll share some more punk rock Christmas music. One of my favorites in both punk rock and classic versions. I like Latin, what can I say? And Bad Religion makes it more badass.

Have fun, keep running and remember; If Gil can run then so can you!

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