Boxing Day horror

After another disastrous loss by United, 2-0 to Stoke, I went for a run. I yelled at the protesters outside of Planned Parenthood, they’re just idiots. I’m out of patience for this mess. But at least overall, maybe due to being so gutted from another United loss, I actually had a very good run. GPS tracking got a little weird through downtown, maybe it’s the strange weather, but it was still a fast effort.
Physically I felt good, I feel strong, rested, ready to run more in fact. Even my watch is telling me I require no recovery time, which seems crazy to me. There will be no more running today though, I have to put my mind onto happier things and drive down to my friend’s house to have a little after Christmas party with her and her family and friends from college. Maybe it will do me good to see everyone. As the last couple days have brought me down a little bit. I am still holding out hope for the job teaching, I will see what Monday brings me there.
But I do take some pride in the fact I met all my running goals for the year, and now I just get to wind down. It was nice that I had the drive to go out and put down a great training effort on a typical Saturday run for me, even though I have no external impetus to keep pushing, it means I still have the fire in me to keep improving for the sake of improving, as far as running goes. The VO2 max stats the watch spits out at me have even improved. There I am nearing a predicted 20 minute 5k, and it now states I should run a sub 3:20 marathon. Which I still don’t think I’m ready mentally to conquer either of those, but at least based on heart-rate and a chart, I should be right there.
So things are coming along, they are progressing, some things are not progressing how I’d like, but how I’d like doesn’t really factor into it, I must accept those things pleasant or not. So I will, and I will work to change that which is in my power to change, and work toward the best solution, not just for me. Hopefully, it will continue to work out as we move along. So have fun, keep running and remember; If Gil can run, then so can you!

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