Last Sunday of 2015

Crazy right? This is it, seems like the year just started, but look how far we’ve come. Got my run in today, just 5 more to go to finish the streak and then I’ll take a little time off. I went short for a Sunday today, I am tired, been overeating, getting overweight again. The Holidays are no joke. I have, I’ve put on 5 pounds the last couple days.
So here we are on December 27th and I’m running in shorts and t-shirt. It’s so bizarre, not only was I in shorts and t-shirt but I was soaked with sweat when I got back to the house. I just keep thinking that this time last year I was in Trani, running in the snow. they had snow for the first time in 15 years and it snowed every day I was there. Now this year, when we’re usually getting snow and it’s cold, we have practically tropical conditions.
As I’ve said, the good news is the world will survive, humanity and most of the species might be doomed if we continue to do nothing, but the world itself will survive, and life will eventually come back around. As  much as I’d like us to work on it and reverse what we’re doing, create a system that makes our way of life sustainable and sensible, part of me thinks, if humans are so hell bent on killing ourselves, may as well.
Other than that, just been relaxing and watching Dr. Who all day, well almost all day. Grandma’s Boy was on, and there was a One Piece marathon last night, all things very hard not to watch. I do enjoy my scifi and my anime, and yes stoner movies. So it’s been an enjoyable day.
I think I have tomorrow’s recipe sorted, so stay tuned for that. Oh and it seems the Carolina Panthers lost today. I don’t watch the handball, throwball, look it’s not played with their feet. But the fact is that they almost went the whole season without losing, but they did not match the 1972 Miami Dolphins, so maybe another year. Records are made to be broken, so it will be interesting to see if anyone can ever beat that one. I’m going to go grab some dinner. You all have fun, keep running and remember; If Gil can run, then so can you!

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