What a day, tomorrow finishes the year

I ran this morning. Then, I got an email from a school, they need a teacher post-haste and it turns out I am what they are looking for. I would have to be there by the 11th, I have to decide by Friday. This all came together really fast. There’s a little anxiety, but not too much, it’s a pretty good job. Decent pay, good hours, it is 6 days a week though. but that’s alright. It’s also at the base of Mt Vesuvius. Who knows, maybe I’ll run into Comicus (that’s a Mel Brooks joke), I love a mountain comic.
Other than that, I’m still sick, this cold is kicking my ass. I will definitely run the Chilly Chili on Friday though, as it looks like it’ll be my last race in the US for a while, and my last race with my local club. So much to do over the next week and  half, but I will not neglect you guys! Although, during the move I may miss a few days. I’m so excited and my mind is in a million places at once.
In the meantime, subculture music lost another great one yesterday, John Bradbury drummer for The Specials died. Two in two days and it’s kinda creepy. So today I’ll leave you with a live Specials performance.

Have fun, keep running and remember; If Gil can run then so can you!

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