Happy Valentine’s Day (don’t let me get you sick)

Yep, so I’m out last night to hang out and watch the Juve v Napoli match. Not that I’m particularly interested, but it’s what one does around here, as there’s nothing else to do! And no matter what I did I was shivering cold. The person I was with tells me I did not look too good and that’s when I realized I had spiked a fever. So at the half, I went back to my apartment, made my bed (I had washed my sheets yesterday morning), and put every blanket I could find on top of me. A restless night later, I felt moderately better, if not completely sore, this morning.
I was well enough to get my 1.4 miles in to get me over the hump on the mileage challenge! Nothing special there. I was definitely feeling it, it was raining and I wasn’t risking anything, there’s no glory to be had in training runs. (Except for the fact you feel so damned good about yourself after) When I got back, I took another nap, why? Because I was intensely tired. But I’ve been able to hold food down, the fever is gone, and I’m ready for work tomorrow, I think. Am I ever really ready for work? Nah, but it’s cool.
So the hope is tomorrow I will be able to get a decent internet connection and start taping the show again for you all! I know you miss it, and well with Justice Scalia gone and the immediate shitstorm that brewed over that, muahahaha! Justice Scalia, kind of an ironic title right? What is just about a man who said in an opinion (and I paraphrase) that the fact of being innocent of the crime does not negate the use of the death penalty if the death penalty was properly reached through the process. Basically meaning, if you find out later that someone was innocent, it doesn’t matter. Which is just insane.
Anyway, it’s St. Valentine’s Day. Yes the day where we look upon martyred St. Valentine, his disemboweled corpse and give each other tokens of affection. It’s all rather bizarre if you ask me. But it’s cool. As usual, I had no plans and nothing to do today. After the nap, it was still raining so I just hung out in my apartment, chatted online with some friends and watched a little RAI Movies, ever seen “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” dubbed into Italian? Well I have now.
But back on point, Valentine’s Day, meh, I love you all. even those of you who hate for no reason, the folks that are thrown away in a prison somewhere, even the ones guilty as hell and deserve to be there. The very worst humanity has to offer, I love ya! Doesn’t mean I think you’re alright, you need a lot of work, particularly me. But I have to accept each and every person as they are, and say “this is part of my family, this is part of who I am”. It’s the only way this world is ever going to get better, love is the only shit that will save the day. That’s what I thought about today, I think about it often. You have to love everyone, even the Scalias of the world, I felt bad about being happy about the fact he was no longer going to be able to say horrible things in the highest court in the USA. But he was damaging us, at the same time he was showing us what not to be. Perhaps that’s the value of the evil people in this world, a reminder for the rest of us to be more loving, accepting, caring, and helpful, to not be like them.
Either way, if you have someone “special” today, make sure to go out of your way, but remember, if the only day out of the year you do something special and nice for a significant other is today, you fail 364/365 days out of the rest of every year! Every day is a chance to show a special someone, or all someones, your love. Today is just an extra reminder. With that notion, I leave you with some sappy punk rock.

Meanwhile, have fun, keep running and remember; If Gil can run then so can you!

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