So I’ve hit a bit of a snag

Well, I didn’t run today. My computer is dead again. Mainboard done. So, as it is out of warranty, I need to fix it myself. This year has certainly had its high points and low points. I can’t fix the laptop until I get back to the US because getting components here is not so simple.

So since the Bluetooth on my phone isn’t connecting with my watch I can’t post runs unless I sort that out. It’s all just sort of cazzo at this point. There’s more bad stuff going on here too. But hopefully, I’ll have that sorted on Friday. I’m trying to stay positive, keep my head up, and keep moving forward. Sometimes that’s the best you can do. It’s all about that attitude. Although tonight there is no pretense of a glass, it’s me and a 66cl bottle of Moretti, and after maybe more.

Nothing easy is ever worth it and anything that’s worth it will test you in all sorts of unexpected ways. I will do my best to keep up over the next couple weeks, but if I go silent you know why. It’s hard to justify that anything types with your thumbs holds any true value. I mean, I’m typing with my thumbs!

Just have to keep in mind I’m just working toward the greater good. Trying to put a message out there and give some hope to folks. All we can do is our best and it up to those around us to keep up.

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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