Nothing doing today

I did not run, I was not planning on it, so I just took a day to rest. Got myself Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Unity to catch myself up on the series. Playing them now. If they are good, and I can finish them in 7 days, I can return them to Gamestop and get Syndicate for much cheaper, as I will get full price back for these two! Haha, gaming the system a little I know. I have a busy weekend of training runs and family obligations.
But I have friends who are out running this weekend, to everyone running Marine Corps, Bristol to Bath (Inaugural Race, go Al!), Ghost Train, or anything else at any distance you’re running this weekend, best of luck, I know you have this and you are ready! I am jealous and awed by all your accomplishments. Way to get out there and do your thing. It’s all very cool, and I hope I get lots of pictures in my feeds of smiling faces, food, beers, friends and everyone having a great time!
In the meantime, I suppose I will give you some levity. given the seriousness of all the political bullshit that’s been happening and the fact that people in America have to endure a torturous 2 year election cycle for a Chief Executive, that has been made into a 4 year one by the presumptive nomination of a particular female former Secretary of State, this just came across my Facebook feed. Apparently, Hillary knows something about this whole Fugazi mess(follow this link it’s hilarious!), and she’s not being honest about it! Secretary Clinton, please stop leaving us in the Waiting Room! I am a patient boy, I suppose.

Also, and I hate to rehash a joke I just used on my personal FB page, but I heard Bernie is a Minor Threat! Oh, the punk rock music puns are flying now!

Someone, show this to Ian MacKaye, he needs a good laugh!
OK kids, have fun, keep running and remember, if Gil can run, then so can you!

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