It was a big Saturday

So I started out with a little run. Nothing really exciting, save I stayed on pace for 10 miles (16.1 km).  Which is good, I mean that’s almost halfway right? Hahaha, of course those 16 miles are so difficult, but hey, I’m feeling good.
Other than that, I hung out today and then had to drive up to Massachusetts to see a play my father’s church was putting on, and my father was cast in. It was a production of Arsenic and Old Lace, and they do a play every year, and usually my step-mother is the female lead. My father, while he has been the crew before, has never acted. I was apprehensive. I wasn’t sure if my dad would be able to remember the lines, or if he had any acting ability, to be honest. I mean he’s a funny guy, but acting is a whole different ball of wax. I know, I’ve been there and done that. But, in the part of Teddy Brewster, he was a natural. For those who don’t know, Teddy is the crazy brother who believes he’s Teddy Roosevelt. Now what makes my father good for the role is he is a huge history buff and fan of Teddy Roosevelt, he has a very Teddy Roosevelt look to him, and given it’s a large part of the comic relief of the show, it fits right in with his jocular personality. So it was enjoyable to watch and I was glad to see my father have so much fun and do so well. I wouldn’t cast him as Macbeth, but he can be Teddy Brewster any day.
I drove up with my sister and oldest niece, and on the ride back there was a major accident on the highway, so it took a while to get home, hence the lateness of my posting this. Folks, nothing that happens on the highway is worth your life, and nowhere you need to be is worth it either. Please, stay calm and drive sensibly and responsibly. Also, if you are too tired, or in any way not fit to drive please take your time, rest up, or whatever you need, before driving anywhere. Wherever you are going, whomever you are meeting, whatever is happening, they will understand that you waited to be safe. I always get very bothered when I come upon an accident scene, took often I see a tarp pulled up over a vehicle with too many emergency vehicles around. Today that was not the case luckily, but the vehicle was on its roof, and there was still a passenger, thankfully, buckled into the seat. Once again, no place you need to be, is worth you or anyone else’s life. Please THINK and drive!
I haven’t decided if I will run tomorrow yet or not. I may not. I need a rest, I want to run Monday and so I make take tomorrow off. Plus, the first of this year’s Manchester Derby is tomorrow, United v City, GGMU! (Glory, Glory, Man United) and the second Rugby World Cup Semifinal between Argentina and Australia is happening (Go Jaguars!). New Zealand held on and played strong, if sloppy defense and beat South Africa 20-18. South Africa only scored on penalties, as the All Blacks kept them from the try line (goal line in US Football parlance), through grit and determination. It was an exciting, if frustrating at times, match. When a team gives up 6 penalties for 18 points, it understandably is frustrating. The All Blacks committed more penalties in the first half than they had in the entire Quarter Final match the played against France. But in the end, they prevailed and will defend their Rugby World Cup title against tomorrow’s winners.
An exciting day to be sure, and tomorrow will be as well. With that I leave you. Have fun, keep running and remember, if Gil can run, then so can you!

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