November starts out well!

It’s a new record! By 2 seconds officially, 3 seconds by my watch, there was no chip timing. Plus I got to campaign for my friend Jeremy who is running for the Board of Aldermen, District 2 in Milford, so if you live in Milford’s 2nd District, get to the polls and vote for Jeremy Grant, you’ll find him on Row B. I haven’t gotten a chance to campaign much for my friend running for Board of Education in Newtown, (yes that Newtown, for people not from the area) Rebekah Harriman-Stites, if you’re in Newtown, that’s Row A where you’ll find Rebekah. How a row is determined on a Connecticut ballot is the order in which the gubernatorial candidates finished in the most recent election for that office. Since the Democrat won last time, Row A is for Democrats, the Republican candidate was second, so that’s Row B, generally row C in Connecticut is the Working Families Party, usually the Working Families candidate and the Democratic Candidate are the same person (but not always).
With campaigning out of the way, oh and sorry Jeremy doesn’t have a campaign FB site, let’s talk racing. It was a weird start, I was up at the front for once, because without chip time I wanted to be as accurate as possible to make sure if I did get a PR I wouldn’t get cheated out of it. Well the organizer gave a thumbs up to the guy with the starting pistol. There was no verbal countdown or anything. No warning, no nothing, he gave the starting pistol guy the thumbs up, starting pistol guy fired, and we all looked at each other and started running. I started out way too fast because of the startling start, startling start, haha. I was doing alright once I slowed down a little. One of my good friends from the running club caught up to me, he was pushing his son’s running stroller for the first time during a race, so congratulations to Greyson on his first race! We got cut off by someone in a pickup truck with a dump body who decided they didn’t want to wait in traffic, and he backed up right in front of us and we had to stop short. I don’t mind too much, although it cost me valuable time. But Tom had his infant son there, and the truck driver should have been paying attention. Once again, I will beat this drum, if you are in a vehicle, watch out for pedestrians, no matter what your rush is! That was way dangerous and luckily we were able to stop in time and nothing happened. I won’t blame a cellphone (which the driver was talking on in violation of state law); but I will blame impatience, impertinence, and a general lack of good sense.
My club won lots of trophies, I was 6th in my age group and I believe 42nd overall in a field of 182 and in the most competitive age group there is. I’ll take it. But we had lots of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers across all age groups, good representation. It’s nice to do well, it’s even better when you have good people around you doing even better and getting to cheer them on! Although, I did notice that the person handing out the trophies were handing out the “Women’s” trophies to the men (the figurine had long hair) and the “Men’s” trophies to the women (figurines had short hair). I got a good laugh out of it, I think most people did. I don’t really think it matters, I think it silly there are gendered figurines on trophies anyway, what does it matter. But Jeremy and his wife both came in the same place in the same age group, so they just swapped trophies, how convenient.
The swag for this race was pretty nice, it’s the Bic/Shick area, so more razors, some shaving gel, a shirt, and some pens. I can’t complain about that at all. Usual 5k food, oranges, bananas, apples, yogurt, bagels. I don’t eat too much after short races, but I had a little bit extra. Next up is Philadelphia the weekend before Thanksgiving. Need to put in a long run this week, 20 miles or so around New Haven, sounds like fun! So take it easy out there, hope everyone had a great day running today, int he Northeast it is perfect weather for PRs! Have fun, keep running and remember, if Gil can run, then so can you!

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