With no regular internet the show is postponed

I ran yesterday! I was going to run today, but it was raining this morning and these streets are plain slick when they’re wet. Yesterday’s run was a relaxing affair. But it is dark out in the morning still, so I didn’t get any good pictures, and can’t see much because I’m so focused on avoiding potholes and bumps in the road.
So the show is on hold until I can sort a steady internet connection and have some time. I also have to change to Fridays or Saturdays, as Thursdays are my busy days.
Meanwhile, I have to head down to San Giuseppe for my one class today. Normally on Fridays I will have a class and then a private tutoring session. But not this week, as the student needed to change the day due to personal commitments. But I met him, smart guy, likes Star Wars, I think we’ll do well.
I have to run and get my work done and get prepared for this afternoon, as well as dealing with the logistical nightmare I find myself in, with a status in flux and unsure. I did find out to sort the Tax Code part I have to go to Nola on Monday, so that’s one thing. Once that is sorted I can do a bank account, cellphone and internet, I hope.
Ciao Ciao! Have fun, keep running and remember; If Gil can run then so can you!

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