Apparently “Take it easy” has lost meaning to me

So I went out, and I said “tonight, I’ll take it easy” and the next thing you know I did this. I felt good, so I just kept moving. Tomorrow, I will try to just go at the pace I want to run for Philly. Since I’m still too fast. I guess it’s true, once you recognize the decisions you are subconsciously making, you can change them and change what you’re doing. What’s upsetting with this is I wanted to run Branford this year in under 40 minutes and I failed miserably. Granted, out and back down State St is flatter, but still, this was just a training run.
Other than that, my day was simple, argued with some friends over gun control, seriously folks, enough with the guns already, clearly more aren’t helping. Also had a nightmare about an ex friend. Here’s the thing with me, and a song I heard on the run got me thinking about this. When I am rejected, when someone judges me “not worthy”, it’s not ego that makes me hurt, it a desire to absolutely destroy that bridge. Pouring some gasoline and striking a match is not good enough, no pillar can be left standing. It’s just not cool.

I was wearing the shirt a couple episodes ago, and I’m telling you these guys are great! And they’re great to run to, and cool people too. So All For Nothing, definitely worth checking out.
I suppose I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it’s Back to the Future II day. Not many people are mentioning the II. In the first Back to the Future, they went to 1955, it was the second movie they went to 2015. Technically speaking, yes Doc Brown came back from 2015 at the end of the first movie to pick up Marty and Jennifer, but nothing happened in 2015, and we weren’t told the date. So that’s that.What I’m waiting for is to see what comes of Running Man by the time we get to 2017. Anyone remember that dystopian action flick from Arnold Schwarzenegger?
And in other news, I read tonight that they’re “rebooting” Rocky Horror Picture Show for TV. Not only will I not watch that, I would probably seriously consider cancelling my cable subscription over that. I cannot think of a worse idea. The whole point of Rocky is to go to the theater and act like a clown with a bunch of other like-minded idiots, who want to basically mock a horrible film, starring some lovely people who went on to star in great TV Shows and Movies. It’s a shame, a tragedy, that they would do something like this and take the greatest interactive theater experience of all time and try and cash in on it, by trying to win over a bunch of gen-xers with some nostalgic crap. Which, I admit has been very successful for them. But this is just too far. I would try and call these tv execs and tell them how I feel, but they probably live in castles, and as we know, castles don’t have phones, asshole! So let’s hope there is enough internet outrage to kill this project before it has a chance to get off the slab. On that, I leave you, on to tomorrow and another fine day! Have fun, keep running, and remember, if Gil can run, then so can you!

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