Normally I only call a run due to weather if there’s lightning

The title is true, except today. I just did not feel like running in high winds and cold rain. So I stuffed my run, plus and extra day’s rest can’t hurt. Tomorrow afternoon I will get out and about for a few miles, and then see how we’re feeling for Sunday’s race, and determine if I’ll do more on Friday or not.
On the good news side of things, we have our first Nog of the fall, yes indeed, Egg Nog spotted and purchased at a local store. Yum! I am an Egg Nog fan, if you aren’t down with that, then I have two words for you…figure them out yourself, I’m not going to give you everything! Particularly if you don’t like the nog.
I suppose we should pay some lip service to the “debate” on TV tonight. I don’t watch these things, they’re not debates. Nobody actually debates any meaningful ideas. They don’t, they just look for the best soundbyte or best visual for the night to determine who won or lost. They’re not saying anything that will actually change anyone’s mind, at least not in my estimation. They tell you who to blame, and what they’d do to punish those people to make you feel better. It won’t actually fix anything, but I suppose if you’re of the mind to think other people are to blame for your lot in life it would make you want to vote for the person who blames the right group, that you feel so aggrieved by. And that’s a modern Republican debate, in a nutshell, who’s to blame, and what they will do to punish those people.
Until we have a candidate that says “What the government does is important, but we need to look to our communities, to our neighbors to help each other out, that’s where the power is, that’s where we have to build from.” Until that happens, nothing will get done for the average person. The fact is, the only thing that’s ever moved the lower classes up and got things done to help us, are things we’ve done, organized, together, as a group of communities coming together to force the power brokers, the people in high places, to treat us better. The unfortunate fact of the matter is, each time, the “little people” have always, either intentionally or mistakenly, left out several other communities that have also wanted and needed to join in. We need to do a better job of that. But the fact is, no change is going to come from Washington D.C., or London, or Paris, or Berlin, or Rome. The change is going to come from your community, municipal, region\state, elections. It’s going to come from groups of neighbors, active in their communities fighting for what is best overall. It takes participation. and the reason so many of our politicians talk in soundbytes, or miss the point, is they know they only have to capture a small segment of the population with their message to win. Simply because we don’t participate.
With that, I bid you to have fun, keep running, and remember if Gil can run, then so can you!

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