Friday night, the night before Halloween

Here I am just relaxing. I did not run, my butt is still not feeling right. Maybe a couple miles in the morning, maybe not. Who knows. Has anyone read Patton Oswalt’s tweets about the GOP Debate? Hilarious! It has me thinking, what would my stats and level be, if I got to write them down as a D&D character? Interesting, perhaps I should do an informal study and have people vote on what they think my stats, class, and alignment would be? I’m not a huge fan of the alignment system, but it is a thing.
I will consider this further over the weekend. I think I’m interested in feedback on this one, really. So yes, I will come up with some way of doing  this, perhaps.
Other than that, I have to get a long run in this week, try and stay on my marathon pace for most of it and see how things go. November is almost here and I’m so close to hitting all my goals. It feels pretty good. I got a nice reminder when the Shoreline Sharks delivered my prize for completing their streaking challenge this year. It’s running their three longest road races, the Savin Rock Marathon (or Half), the Hamden Hills Half Marathon, and the Gulf Beach Half Marathon. Another hoodie to add to last year’s, and it will help keep me warm and fuzzy all winter!
New York City Marathon this weekend, good luck to everyone who is running it, and anything else, and congratulations to anyone who got accepted to Boston, or will get accepted to Boston, I know they started sending that out today. Whatever the weekend brings you, and however Halloween treats you, have fun, keep running and remember, if Gil can run then so can you!

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