An interesting Thursday

So I woke up, my running friends had cancelled the Thursday morning run. Instead I just went to work, then when I got back from my morning class, I ran. It was great. Short sleeves, daylight, not a ton of acrid wood stove smoke in the air. I kept a pretty good pace throughout the entire circuit. I also think I’ve figured out how I’ll do my long runs around here. I was really pleased with my performance today. Tomorrow I think I’ll try to go a little further, and I have to do it a little earlier in the morning, but I don’t have a class in the morning.
There are a coupe funny things I noticed today. First, I’m running in shorts and a t-shirt and yet everyone here is still bundled up like they were extras in Nanook of the North. Seriously, They have no tolerance for cold weather, which I’ve noticed, but it’s not that cold today. It’s mid-40s (13 c), that’s mid-Spring temperatures for me! It was a little overcast, but I was running so I was definitely warm the whole way through. The other thing I’ve noticed is, with rare exception, no one runs on the sidewalks, and you tend to run with traffic. Of course, that’s assuming the cars are travelling on the correct side of the road, which they don’t always do. While there are rules, and they drive on the same side of the road as everywhere else that’s not the UK, a former UK colony that’s not in North America, or Japan, they tend not to follow the rules. It’s sort of the Italian version of the Wild West, maybe they watch too many Italian Spaghetti Westerns, which are still a thing here. But it’s still pretty neat to turn to go back toward town and get to see Somma (the North peak of what we would refer to as Vesuvius) dominating the skyline.
My other adventure today had to do with bathrooms in Italy. As many of you know, my occasional need for KT Tape keeps me shaving my legs, plus the fact it makes my tattoos look even more awesome. I have not shaved in a couple weeks, because when have I had the time? But I did this afternoon. So, I set about trying to figure it out. The showers are way too small, there is no tub, so I used the bidet. It’s pretty much across from the sink, so that works out. Keep my leg over the bidet and rinse the razor and soap up in the sink. I cut my legs up a bit worse than I normally do, but I still find it easier than shaving my face.
It’s time to get ready to teach my evening classes here. I’ve been trying to sort out a dinner for tonight and I need eggs for tomorrow morning. Well, I don’t need them, I want them. I also need to find a source for avocados, and some vital wheat gluten and textured vegetable protein. I think I’ll have to go into Napoli for those things. I will find out this weekend, as I have two days to mess about and head into the city and see what I can sort out. I will run more tomorrow and fill you all in on how it goes. Until then, have fun, keep running and remember; If Gil can run then so can you!

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