A really tough Wednesday

I wasn’t the only one it seems. I see a lot of facebook posts talking about having a tough run today. I definitely had trouble, my stomach was a mess, had to stop at the apartment half-way through. So we end up with one run of 5 miles, and another of almost 4.
It’s a beautiful, mostly dry, very sunny day here today. The weather was perfect, my body was not having any of it. I am worn down, but I’m almost half-way through my running week already. So we will see what happens. Tomorrow I plan on waking up early and doing an easy 5 with my running friends. The rest of the week, I just have to power through and then next weekend is the Rome Marathon. Which my USATF card finally arrived.
So everything is coming together, that mess is all set and settled, and hopefully I get my 40 miles in this week. Right now I am in class, my plucky little Child 3 class (I’d say 7-8 year olds) are diligently writing sentences about what they like and don’t like. They are a riot, they try and boss me around, which is fine, they all know the answers when asked and they all scored perfectly on their progress tests. Love these kids, if all kids were like this life would be a breeze. It’s like having a class of four little comedians. They’ve even finished their books for the class, so I have to just review. So today I’m letting them decide which pages to go over. At the break, they will ask me for water and then hide my stuff around the room. It’s pretty funny. It reminds me not to grow up, and always keep that joy in messing with people! haha
Alright, I have to run and check their work.
Have fun, keep running, and remember; If Gil can run then so can you!

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