So I hit 100 miles, with just a little to spare, with my run today. I have no mileage goals for this year. I’m taking things month by month, and I’m trying to heal, then I may work on a sub-20 minute 5k. But given it will be June tomorrow and my leg is still not healed, I’m not concerned about that too much.
But what struck me today was the idea of goals. I was thinking about a post from my cousin (in-law, but that’s not important, love her the same), where she details her struggles losing weight and how she’s recommitted herself, and I thought about how I managed it. I think the overall problem people have with losing weight is they set a “target weight” and usually that’s some large number of pounds/kilograms to lose. The fact is, I never set out to lose 70 lbs (31.75 kg), or to have six-pack abs and a gorgeous beach body (something I still don’t have and am still not working for), or to run marathons or any of that. My first goal was to drop 20 lbs (9 kg), because that’s what my doctor said I needed to get rid of to come off the blood pressure medication and not need such a harsh asthma maintenance medication. He said if I lost even more, I may be able to come off asthma maintenance meds completely. Given those are steroids, and I like to avoid all drugs, I was happy to try. But once I hit the initial goal, then I started to think about losing a little more. I did little pieces at a time.
I was constantly looking at where I was, how my body was reacting, and deciding where to go from there. I didn’t set some lofty goal at the outset and then get down when I didn’t hit it. I took it all in little steps, kind of like the “baby steps” thing in “What About Bob?” (great movie if you haven’t seen it, hilarious! “Death therapy, Bob!”) That’s it, start out small, then keep working and adjusting until you get to the point where you’re happy, don’t try and take it all on at once. It’s a huge endeavor and retraining your body and mind, because it’s not just working out it’s diet and everything that must be taken into account, is a giant task. You must take it one step at a time. You also must stay positive, and when you hit a plateau (and you will) you have to adjust, turn a different direction, add here, subtract there. But you can do it, I did, and if I did anyone can. Go forth and keep the #PMA.
So basically, it’s that simple, and massively difficult at the same time. This advice is good for just about any change you want to make in your life. Usually, drastic things are doomed for failure, we need time to adjust. Always try to do little bits at a time, and eventually you’ll notice you’ve moved a mountain. Sort of like running up a steep hill during a race or training session. If you look at the top the whole time, it seems like you’ll never make it, and eventually you may slow down or even start walking. But if you stay focused on the part in front of you, the immediate concern, before you know it, you’re at the top, and ready for the downhill. Stay within yourself and take on what you can handle, that is the key to getting where you want. That’s not to say you shouldn’t dream and look at the big picture, just figure out the small pieces to get the big picture put together, and deal with one piece at a time, be patient! Since we’re taking Positive Mental Attitude and hitting goals:

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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