Global running day

And I didn’t run! Nope, I have been working all day and trying to stay calm. I’ve been told by everyone, no one gives security deposits back here, just use the deposit as the last month’s rent. So I told the people who handle that for me to do that, and I’m getting pushback. It’s not cool, the people that handle it are my employer. Which means I’m never doing that again, paying rent through my employer. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea at the start, but I let it go. I’ve been very accommodating to all the weird stuff around here.
I have detailed my issues with the landlady many times. I do not trust her at all, nor should I. Even landlords people trust don’t give back security deposits around here. Screw that mess. Shit will hit the fan if they try to make me pay. I have already made a video proving I was living there. I have it up privately and will send it to the municipal office, the police, and a lawyer if it comes to it. I will make sure she has paid her taxes, and I will not relent until I am satisfied. I’m not putting up with this stuff. I have used the word livid to describe how I’m feeling at this point, and it’s apt.
I am so sick of these people around here thinking they’re so slick. They’re not, for all the nice people I’ve met, the people who tend to be in control of things are totally shit. It’s like a region full of Donald Drumpfs. And they can all kiss the fattest part of my ass!
So that’s where I’m at, they are either going to let me walk with my money, or I’m going to go out of my way to make sure it all burns. If the landlady is going to try and steal more money from me than she already has, I’m going to make sure she’s paid every last red cent needed to the state in taxes for me living there. I will go through anyone and everyone in my way to make this happen. I am ready for a fight, they better hope it doesn’t come to that. I will not stop until I am satisfied.

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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