Back out there

It was warm this morning, going to be a hot one here today. Got a good sweat on while I ran. Not like Phoenix, Arizona hot but there’s no doubt it’s beach weather. They’re calling for rain later today, but I don’t think I mind. In fact, as I type this, the clouds are starting to roll in over the Somma peak.
This is it though, the last couple of weeks of the school year. I have nothing lined up for the Summer and I’m actually not THAT worried about it. I should work, but at the same time, meh. I will visit my family, I will visit my friends and whatever happens, happens. So far London, Gorleston, and Billund Denmark are almost 100% certain. If anyone has any money they’d like to send me, or some employment for a week or two somewhere fun in Europe, I’m up for it. But, point being, I’m just going to take this Summer as it comes, and try not to stress about things.
Other than that, nothing exciting is happening today. At the 50 cent store, I saw they had a Lupin III disposable lighter. While I realize that I need to carry a lighter on me, even as a nonsmoker, at this time I couldn’t justify spending the money!

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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