Alright, some things have been sorted

Good news, I ran today. I’ve run on other days, but with the mess I’ve been in its been difficult to update everyone. I also sorted how to get workouts off my watch and posted. So now I will be able to keep you updated.

First, any typos and errors, I’m typing a blog post with my thumbs, relax, and I apologize. Second, it has always amazed me how when I’ve been in need my friends have always been there for me. Never hesitating, never admonishing, just always there. Some may say it’s a testament to the person I am, but I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think I’m anyone special, I think I just have a penchant for making friends with the very best people.

It’s always amazing to me that through all the crapiness we see in the world, there are so many people no one will never write a story about, or put in the news, or give an award to, who are just decent, caring, helpful, loving human beings. When I think about all these people, it really gives me hope that we can survive this whole mess, and we can come out ahead, make this world a better place, and learn to really live together as one family. We’re out there, we just need to come together and push out the hate, greed, and division.

In as many ways as our politicians are a mess, violence is out of control, people can’t seem to be sensible about the simplest of things, we have tremendous compassion, empathy, and care out there in the world. It’s just disorganized and too often missing when it comes to strangers. But we can totally get our shit together.

Alright, I’m going to head out and do some free touristy stuff. Take it easy, here’s some chill stuff for you:

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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