Took it easy today

Since it was horrible rain yesterday, and lightning in the weather report, I ran today instead. It was a beautiful day to run, now it’s not. The clouds have returned and the rain will be returning shortly I’m sure. Beyond that, just cleaning up and looking for an apartment.
So one downside of healing up and basically being on vacation for the last couple months is that I had put on some weight. As far as I know I never got back up over 190 lbs (86.2kg) but I was not happy. Today, I seem to be getting better as far as weight goes. Back down around 177 lbs (80 kg). Now I need to stress again, I am not doing this to look good, this is about health, blood pressure, breathing, and running. The lighter I am the faster I can run. 165 lbs (75kg) is right about where I want to be. I’ve started using a meal tracker again, because I was getting out of control, with sweets and sodas and beers. So I’m back on water and coffee and eating proper portions. Diet and exercise is always the answer. If you’re going after vanity, you’ll have to be more extreme with things. I just limit the amount of food I intake, but if you want to be all cut and whatnot you have to look at what foods you are eating and what their proportion of carbs, protein, and fats are.
But I’m building back up, a really good run today, even though it was slow. It’s a long process, and I have to be patient. Always. The struggle never ends, remember that.

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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