End of August!

And thus ends the months named after Roman Emperors. No seriously, look it up. Ever wonder why the 9th, 10, 11th, and 12th months of the year have the Latin roots for seven, eight, nine, and ten in them respectively? So I thought I’d do something fun for the end of the month and see if the roads leading into town would give me a starburst-like pattern if I ran a little bit down each road. Unfortunately, it looks more like some sort of deformed asshole.
All I could think about today was how tired my legs are, and how far I’ve come since June where I barely ran 35 miles. If I had just a little more energy and patience today I could have run 10 miles to make an even 150 for the month. 145 is still a big month for me, even with the huge miles I did in February and March this year. I’m just about back to where I should be on my monthly average. Just over 120 now, need to get myself back up to 125. What I really like is, this month I’ve kept my pace at 9 min/mi (5:36 min/km). I have to say that’s pretty fast for me. It’s not record breaking, not even a marathon PR for me. But considering how much I was hurting in June, I’ll take it.
4 more months left in 2016, and frankly, they need to end quickly and well. Sure this year has had its challenges on micro and macro levels. But how well have you been dealing with your adversity? Have you been facing it head on and plowing through it? Or have you been blaming everyone but yourself, and letting it consume you? There’s a difference between pointing out what’s wrong and saying it needs to be fixed, and blaming other people for your problems. Pointing out the inequities and injustices in a system, is one thing. But when you blame other people, or a group of people, wholesale, for something that they demonstrably didn’t do, “taking jobs” shit like that. Then you’re just whining, and having a pity party. The difference is, there is a system out there designed to keep most people in shit, and some people are kept in larger numbers in a shitty situation. That is demonstrably true. You can back that up with actual numbers. You can’t with the other shit. You can’t show “illegals” are taking jobs, why? Because they’re not taking any jobs any of you would do! They’re doing the jobs they used to do under the guest worker program before Cesar Chavez organized them so they would be paid a fair wage. Once they ended that program, they knew exactly what would happen. The same people would show up to work, they’d now have to stay, because it’s too dangerous to keep crossing the border, and they wouldn’t be allowed to organize to be paid fairly. We have a  half of our political whatever believing that these people are something other than victims of a greedy system. And your candidate for President has benefited directly from this shit. He’s been caught hiring undocumented workers. He wants a wall, he wants this fervor, not because he believes the shit he spews (although he may have prejudiced, bigoted views against Mexican workers), but because it’s a cheap source of labor and he doesn’t want anything to endanger that. It amazes me that people honestly don’t seem to realize this, or think this is made up or something.
Anyway, tomorrow starts a new month, Autumn is only 21 days away! Wow, good thing time (or what we think of as time) flows as it does.

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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