Running while sick

Yep, that’s where I’m at today, first full day of Spring. Been sick since Sunday, that’s what happened to that run, it was the early stages of some sort of something. To totally be gross about it, I think it’s bacterial, since my mucous is discolored. Yep, colored snot, probably bacterial, oh well. But being sick doesn’t usually stop me from running (unless it’s really bad). Around mile 3, I got so congested I started gagging, and almost lost breakfast, so I took it easy and the last mile and a half, I just kinda went with a tempo, 1/4 mile on 90%, 1/10 mile walk.
I was right about 4 mins/km at my fastest, and that means I need to work on speed a little more if I ever want that sub-20 5k. I think I can do it, I really do. It seems I have all the ability, I just need to work on unlocking it. I think this is a good goal, I haven’t set one in a long time, and maybe this is the one to go for. Because sometimes I do feel listless and have a hard time getting motivated lately. So maybe a goal is in order.
Meanwhile, when I got my new computer, well before I got my new computer, I had resolved to unblock everyone on bookfaces and whatnot, in order to be kind. As long as no one does any creepy shit or goes back to being assholes, I’m good. Try and let go of grudges and shit, but still don’t have any room or patience for people being assholes. So an ex was totally creepin’ on me last night. Log in, found a “So-and-so liked a picture you posted” went to the picture, the like was gone. Hahaha. I know this person has been creepin’ on a co-worker’s instagram too (not even friends with the coworker, just found the instagram account and creeps on it). If you’re an ex, you’re an ex for a reason. I don’t carry torches, don’t expect anything, don’t miss me.
Odd, metaphorically I don’t carry torches, yet also; I don’t generally need them, I see very well at night for a human being. I wonder if my metaphorical lack of sentimentality has something to do with my physical reality of being better suited than the average human being to see at night? I wonder if it also has to do with my preference to be by myself? I should look into this, see what research has already been done on the subjects, if any. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and sometimes I miss things, like running races and all that fun. But yeah, I don’t get torn up over things. I just don’t.
At this point, I’m feeling better today than I did yesterday, I think tonight will be full blankets, fully clothed, heat on, get it all out! Being sick is such a waste of time, bacteria and virii need to learn that my body is a place they will find only death. Little rat-bastards. The good news is I can smell, which means I should be able to taste. How do I know, neighbor is cooking meat, of all the things I don’t want to smell…probably topping the list, well slightly under sour milk. Point being, I’m not THAT sick!
All told, that’s a good thing on this beautiful day! So anyway, I need to get to the store and buy some stuff, this week is crazy busy. In the meantime, here’s some Del:

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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