Ahhh the internet!

Holy crap, that was a shitty layoff, totally unintended! But I got out and ran today! We’re getting into the rainy season here, had a few drops fall as I went and honestly it was a bit cold because of it. I’m so excited that I have unlimited, fast internet now! I’m so excited I can’t really put together any decent, cogent thoughts.
I’m also excited the first indictments have been handed down in the Trump-Russia Affair. I know it’s not a short, sexy “-gate” type headline, but it really deserves it’s own thing, it’s in its own world. Indictment is a fun word, let’s break it down. I love etymology. Dictare, to dictate in Latin. In- in this case does not mean not, but takes its second meaning as ON. -Ment, the suffix showing action or result. On dictating action, being brought in on crimes! J’-fuckin’-cuse!
The rumblings are Mueller now has Flynn, if he has Flynn on the original charges Comey was investigating, then he has Trump on Obstruction, then it becomes a game of what else Mueller can prove, and how much pressure the American People can put on the GOP to remove this scumbag.
But as I’ve said, I’m too excited today to really put together anything good. A lot of that comes from not sleeping much last night! hahahaha Well, I played video games and got my playstation updated and shit like that!

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil Can Run then so can you!

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