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So I’ve just been doing a mile a day basically. Today I managed about 1.25, my ankle is very sore and my legs are not feeling good either. It has not been fun, as far as running goes that’s for sure. It didn’t help that my watch wasn’t picking up the satellite today and that my headphones have decided to stop working in one ear. Certainly things have not been getting easier. Someone mentioned I seem to carry a lot of weight around with me. I mentioned I may be too appropriately named.
I think I’ve discussed that before, St. Christopher being a story akin to Hercules, Atlas, etc. I try and help others who I see trying to take that weight on themselves, but they never want to listen. So this gets me thinking about Conspiracy Theorists again. I know I’m not easy about it, but I see so many otherwise intelligent and well-meaning people wasting their time, efforts, causing me and others unnecessary anxiety, hurting their own goals by wasting time and wasting energy on this nonsense. I get it though. I get it, because there was a time I fell into the conspiracy theory hole. When I was a teenager, when I thought I had a good handle on things, when I thought there was this thing we call control.
The problem is, you look out on the world, and you see all this pain and suffering and you can’t reconcile it without some sort of evil force behind it. There has to be something more than a made-up value system. So you look so hard for it. You look everywhere you can, and you find whatever adheres to your own ideas of how the world works and what you think the evil should look like. Just as our Gods all too often appear to have a will which matches the things we wish the world to be, often our Devils adhere to the same principle.
But we want a greater meaning to our suffering, or the suffering of others. It’s normal and natural, and why because the nature of the horrible things people do to people, do to animals, do to the planet in the name of wealth. So you look for people who tell you, it’s not really the money, it’s the power, it’s this deep conspiracy of these types of people. They twist the names and meanings of things, or they don’t, they let you twist it because you are desperately searching for that great evil, and then just let it go. The Earth is flat, vaccines cause diseases, man didn’t land on the moon, aliens visit us, the media is out to get “so-and-so”, airplanes are equipped with chemical dispersal devices to make you sick, control your mind. It’s all a load of bullshit. Like all good bullshit, there is sometimes a grain of truth to it. Yes, airplanes are used in agriculture, at low altitude, to put down fertilizers and other chemical agents, not all bug sprays are safe. Yes, sometimes a live vaccine can cause complications, it’s rare but it happens. The fact is, dispersing chemicals at 35,000-50,000 feet in order to damage people on the ground is about as effective as spraying your Windex bottle at your mirror from the other side of your apartment. But let’s not bother with science. There’s a conspiracy here! People are out to get you.
And that’s the thing, if you can personify it, you can get a better purchase to try and combat these things. You can maybe gain control. That’s what I wanted. I wanted to try and get control, to get ahead of these things, to find a way to “bring them down.” But there isn’t any way to do it. You could literally kill every single “person” you think is involved in whatever conspiracy, Or at least jail and ensure those people have no phones, no way to contact others, each and every person in the intelligence community, media, military, politics, pharmaceuticals, whatever area or industry you think has a conspiracy, you can get all other people, from the CEOs, Leaders, Middle Managers, down to the damned Janitors, you can take them all, put them into little isolated cells, even just let them sit there and never even feed them. Other people (assuming the system itself remains) will merely slot right in and continue doing exactly what the “conspirators” were doing previously. Not because it’s a conspiracy, but that’s simply how the system works.
How do I know this? Look at history, look at all the times we have claimed to cut off the “head of the beast”, the shit always rises to the top again, doesn’t it? Because the system never changes. We change the name, we change the lexis of how we speak about it, but the system always remains. And people will do unspeakable things in order to find themselves at the forefront of that system. People will manipulate others into thinking they are fighting the system, where those people are merely serving it by harming others just so that person in “control” can have just a little more.  The problem isn’t even really “capitalism” the problem is profit. The problem is the same regardless of the socio-economic controls you put on, communism will have the same problems overall, because someone will manipulate to gain control of the system, for their own profit.
We need to go back to a more primitive way of life on a micro-level, with people growing, building, working for themselves. We can mitigate that with a progressive macro philosophy, where we go out and discover and explore like we are supposed to. I firmly believe both ways are the way forward. We need a comprehensive system which is fundamentally different from everything else which has come before, we need it much sooner rather than later, and that is all. If there is a conspiracy here or there, that is not the problem, that is a symptom of the disease. Stop wasting time on it. Focus on what we need to do to survive now. Finding a new way to live which works. By buying into conspiracy you are only serving the system, in attacking a symptom, not the disease.

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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