Tomorrow morning, we run!

Yes, the New Haven Road Race 20k is upon us again. My kit is ready to go:

Enjoy your day off all the folks in the US reading, and just enjoy your Monday everyone else. Remember, Labor Day is a day to reflect on those that were killed, and sacrificed all for things like a 40 hour work week, paid time off, living wages, kids not being killed working in coal mines and all manner of child labor, wage theft, wage slavery and so much more. These people did not volunteer, were not given guns and uniforms. They weren’t marched off to some foreign land and told to shoot at people they were told hated them. These people who died, they were just working folks, organizing together to ask for decent living conditions, dignity, and some appreciation for making others so wealthy through their hard labor. The business owners and politicians set security companies (Pinkerton was famous for it), paid thugs, mercenaries, and even the National Guard on these workers to beat them, break them, and even kill them. When they fought back they were called anarchists and bomb throwers.
Labor Day seems like just a day off, but there’s so much more to it than that. Please look it up, read about it. There are plenty of books, articles, movies, even songs about what regular everyday working people, working heroes, did to make this country, and build a middle class. We’ve lost sight of that, that is where the decline has happened. Learn about the labor movement this Labor Day. It’s the best thing you can do, if you really are keen on saving the middle class, your fellow workers, your families and yourselves.
Have fun, keep running, because if Gil can run, then so can you!

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