Just a Saturday

It was a beautiful day for 10 miles. Not too hot, not too humid, it was very nice. My times showed it. I’ll try again tomorrow, but I know I’ll be slower, my legs are tired. Then it was rushing around, as my friend’s boss had a party at the farm, so I had to attend (apparently everyone has to go to birthday parties in Denmark, and when it’s the boss’s wife, yeah you go!). Totally cool, always fun to experience how other cultures do. United beat Hull at the last minute (literally almost) and the All Blacks retained the Bledisloe Cup by beating Australia 29-9. Almost all is right with the world.
The down side to all this is my friend, the wife of the friend I am currently staying with is back in the US. Her mother has been very sick, and she finally lost her fight last night. It’s never an easy thing, and we all deal with loss differently. The whole thing has reminded me a lot of when my mother’s father died. It was difficult for me to handle because he was by far the person I identified most with in this world. In many ways he still is. I’m not good with the whole death thing, and I never will be. It’s weird, why feel bad? I mean I get funerals and stuff are for the living, and I understand missing people. But you have a couple choices when someone dies.
I think you need to figure out what brings you comfort and go for it. I never support anyone trying to force others to find comfort the same way they do, forcing beliefs on others is always wrong. But if you find comfort in a god, in a heaven, in reincarnation, in a void, in whatever it is, go with it. Do you, be happy, move on, keep the PMA. That’s all we can do. Life goes on for the rest of us, we still have a fight here, we still have a struggle here, and our loved ones would want us to focus on that. I know when I go I want people to have a party. Cremate me, put my ashes in one of those biodegradable urns, put an acorn in there and let my ashes grow into a big oak tree. But have a party, no crying! Drinking, food, music, dancing! No club music though, and none of that pop shit, you play the music I like! That’s what I got, I’ve always known that stuff though, I know how I want people to say their farewells to me. None of that somber funeral home ridiculousness, none of that woe is me sobbing and sappy crap. Live it up! I’m gone, you’re still here, I will be the one crying for you!

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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