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So I’m running down the road today, and the shirt I was in was rubbing me to wrong way. Literally, after only 4 miles I could feel the soreness on the man-nips. Side-note, you need proof of evolution, look no further than the man-nipple, there is zero reason for them, none at all, yet we have them. Why? Evolution, what “intelligent” designer would leave something so useless in a design? Anyway, it is fun to run with no shirt on while everyone else is bundled up like it was -6 out or something! It was not here, it was 10 degrees C, which is about 40 F. Not bad at all. I mention -6 because that was the temperature in New Haven today.
It is the one sad thing about living here, this is my favorite running weekend when I’m back in Connecticut. The Roxbury Marathon was Saturday and the Christopher Martin’s Holiday Run for Children 5k is today. Seeing all my friends having fun running, and drinking after the 5k, made me sad I missed it. Lots of fun overall. Even though it’s always super-cold this weekend. It’s great to see almost the whole running crew in one weekend. Only a few of us run both races, but between the two races I see almost everyone local.
Back to the run, so I’m sitting there with my shirt pulled over my head so it’s not chafing, and everyone’s staring at me. Look, I get I’m not all chiseled and ripped and whatever, but holy crap, who wants that pain? And it’s not that cold, says the guy lamenting he couldn’t run a marathon in below freezing temperatures. But it is amusing, they get so cold because they’re simply not used to the temperature getting much colder than it is right now. If there are days here below freezing, they don’t last long. I worry that one day I’ll be like them! That I will not retain my inherent New Englander toughness.
Beyond that, everything is working well. That twinge in my hamstring is back, just as a background annoyance. I’m on track to match last year’s mileage total, after basically taking the months of May and June off this year, I’m rather impressed with that, but after the first of the year, I’m definitely taking it easy for a bit again.
Being that I will return to the area in just under 2 weeks now, I’m starting to prepare, and planning on running a 5k on New Year’s Day! I’m waiting to hear from the organizers about where I enter my discount for my running club. Why pay full price if you don’t have to? I also got my neices and nephew’s Christmas presents, got myself Christmas presents haha! Have to get something for my mom, which is actually for the house, and I’m good there. My Christmas presents aren’t presents at all, I need a blanket and an extra set of sheets. Through all my idealism, my philosophy and everything, I’m imminently practical. Constantly worrying about what needs to be done. It’s maddening being so irresponsibly responsible.
Either way, I’m getting it done and making it happen and fighting the good fight. I think that’s what matters in all of it. I was saddened today on my run though, as a plot of land I had been eyeballing had the “For Sale” sign removed and someone was riding their tractor around plowing the field. It’s ok, I have plenty of time and there will be other plots of land to grow things on. But still.
As far as Turkey goes, yes I’m saving it for last. Listen people, anyone who tells you this bullshit is about religion is making money off all this crap. Fuck this bullshit, everyone needs to calm the fuck down. The West, the East, the Middle East, everyone needs to calm the fuck down. I’ve just absolutely had enough of this bullshit, and it’s all bullshit. It’s all about who controls the resources and who wants to control the resources. And you want to end all of it really fast? Really end it, because killing ISIS only grows another group in its place, nope you want to end it? Knock it off with oil, kill the phony “war on drugs”, and put your dicks away. Yes, ending fossil fuel use destroys much of their revenue stream. Even though we’re not “supposed” to, assholes like Rex Tillerson and Vlad Putin buy the oil from these fucks. Then, they do some heroin growing of course. Which if you ended the drug war, firstly ends most of the draw of drugs (reference Portugal), people can grow openly, so there’s no need for weapons or anything to protect their crops, so they won’t work for strongmen and whatnot, they can just work on their own, and it would be a legal, traceable supply chain. Yep, drugs are terrible, but at least if it’s out in the open, we can actually address it like the health issue it has always been. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Then your penis. Look, most of the human trafficking which occurs, most of the human slavery is women, as sex slaves. 0ver 80% of the women smuggled into the US, as slaves, last year, were smuggled in for the Sex Industry. Re-read what I just said. There are slaves, in the US, most of them are women, most of them are forced into labor as sex slaves (reference Jimmy Carter’s book on the subject). Seriously, guess who is a giant player in slave-trading? Yep, ISIS. So seriously people, you are funding them, and then agog they exist. Just stop, and realize you can actually do something to help. By just saying no to oil, the war on drugs, and the sex industry. Sorry folks, that’s the way it is.
I just want all this to end, I’m sick of it.

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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