Apparently, it was global running day

Everything has a day, I got the stupid badge from Strava, because it’s a mindless thing to do now. It was a pretty fast run, as I wanted to get back and wash up and make a simple dinner. Less bugs last night, because it was drier so that kept the little bastards at bay. It’s been so hot and I’ve been sweating so much though, than basically my entire chest is chafing now. It was a bit painful. Today I’m just going to Body Glide the crap out of myself and hope that works.
Also, I was hoping my KT tape would survive the 3 days it’s supposed to, but alas, it was too hot and again, way too sweaty. So I had to buy a new roll this morning. There’s no way I can get through all the miles I want to without it, until I get back to the US and get new shoes. Irresponsible of me? Damned right! So between my train ride into Bari and the bus ride to the place I need to work this morning, I searched the shops for KT Tape. First, I went into a “sporting goods” store. Which is no more than sports apparel around here. They told me to try the Sanitaria, the Sanitaria told me to try the Farmacia. The Farmacia has it, but €16 a roll! That’s outrageous. However, as I said, I need it right now. Oh well, that’s that at least I can tape myself up and run tonight, and it should stick better because it’s not all old and stuff. That was the problem with the last rolls, they were pretty old and I guess the glue degraded.
The weird thing was the lady behind the counter asked if I wanted blue. They only had blue or pink it seemed. She gave me blue, but I told her it didn’t matter. It doesn’t fucking matter what color the kinesiology tape it. It is there to keep me from tearing a tendon or muscle, so what if it were pink? So much of this world is so silly now. In retrospect I should have insisted on the pink, just to make a point. But I was in a rush to make the bus by that point, so practicality dictated the situation.
The good news is, when I finish up this afternoon I don’t have anything until Monday morning but cleaning, packing, and the beach. More cleaning and packing than I’d like. But I’m starting to put a plan in motion to not return to the US after this Summer. Honestly, the airfare between here and JFK isn’t totally exorbitant, even if the return flight is a little inconvenient. With me living here, so I have space for people to stay, it really is not that burdensome, and food is cheap. So there’s no reason for me to have to cram my ass into a fart tube every few months, when people can easily come visit me. Of course, with my friends and family’s track record of visiting me, I still doubt it will happen but I insist on trying. For the first time in a while I’m feeling real anxiety. I don’t want to go back. At this point, even if Donnie Dirtbag is dragged out of the White House in chains, the stain on the nation is too great.
Ever since 1861, the US has been fighting a Civil War. I know we say it ended, but it’s the same battles always. The ended reconstruction by killing Lincoln, they instituted apartheid to keep their former slaves living in slave-like conditions anyway. After that system was broken, they started undercutting the North to take as many jobs as possible. By slashing taxes, busting unions to make cheap labor forces, this is all to try and damage the North, to hurt the people, to pay them back for “ruining” their economy. Their economy based on the idea that some people were property. This is the problem. Trump is the symptom, he needs to be removed, but overall the disease has to be cured.
General Sherman’s greatest fear was that the people of the South would not learn their lesson, they did not. There is no humility, no shame in them. How can you not be ashamed of yourself when you actively seek to hurt other people? How can you not feel sorry when you have spent your life trying to harm others, in a selfish grab for more for yourself. Anyone who thinks they deserve more than another human being should feel shame. It hurts me so much to see what is happening, and how the whole top tier of the government hasn’t been slapped in irons yet is beyond me. It is absolutely disgusting.

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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