Winding down

As I try and relax with my remaining days before I start my Summer travel, I’m getting a little lazy. I need to watch out for that, but it’s not as bad as last Summer. I also hurt less, even though my Achilles tendinitis is not getting better (fat chance of that happening as I keep running on it in shoes past their mileage!). Yes I know, totally my own fault. But, as stated, this actually doesn’t hurt as much as my hamstring did last Summer. So the kinesio tape I got isn’t the KT tape brand, and so far even though I have to cut individual lengths I am preferring it. It’s adhesion is superior to this point, and it supports just as well. The only drawback is having to cut each piece. But how lazy does one have to be to complain about that? But I have been lazy, and haven’t updated. I did run on Thursday. It was a pretty good run, far better than today where my chest hurt so much (skin, not anything internal) that I basically walked the last 5 miles.
So the UK Snap Election had interesting results. When May called the election she had a 20+ point lead in all polls. In just a few weeks’ time that lead evaporated. But even the polls just before election day were showing the Tories up 4-10 points. That UK polls almost always have a bias toward the Conservatives; that is to say they under-perform in polls, apparently British people are shy about saying they will vote for Tories, it looked like they would still walk with a comfortable majority. They were talking about a Labour blood-bath. Corbyn was “too Left” and not well supported by the party establishment. But he won, well he still lost, but he won. Labour shocked the world, and what looked to be a comfortable majority for the Tories turned into a major embarrassment for May and the Conservatives.
Young voters came out in unheard of numbers, 75% turnout, to support Labour really to support Corbyn. People want government that works for THEM. That is the point, supposedly, of government. But the Conservatives on all sides, think government is about what it was always about, keeping the people in power in power. Conservatives talk about helping “business”. What the fuck is “business”? Why does it get representation. We need it? Do we really need business? What is the virtue in making money for the sake of making money? I really have searched my entire life for someone to explain this to me. Money, a man-made thing, is not a goal. I think by and large this is what people understand without understanding it. That feeling so many have that “something is wrong”. They can’t put their finger on it. I think this is one of the main things. Money isn’t real, it doesn’t mean anything, and yet we’re trained to work our entire lives chasing it.
It may not be a conscious thought for everyone, but I think at the end of the day they understand we are not living a “natural” life. I see so many indications of this, people doing things like the “paleo” diet, and all this other “get back to nature” nonsense. (Yes, that’s all nonsense) They’re striving to bring themselves back to a natural-feeling mental state though. But they’re so trained that everything is external, that they look to diets, or where they go, what events they attend, etc. Then they take selfies to show the world how “earthy” they are or whatever. But that’s not it. We have to look inside, we have to find the mental state that is natural. We have to look to science to teach us how to be human again. We have to raise our children that way, and we have to destroy, not modify, not enhance, not repair, destroy the system which causes us this pain. This existential angst that we then enforce upon others we deem “less worthy” due to a myriad of factors, chief among them being their physical difference to us, followed in short order by what version of “God” they believe or don’t believe in.
It’s not normal and it’s not natural. Competition is not the human way. We are social animals, that is abundantly clear. Like all social animals we have our own way of doing things, but in general, with an abundance of resources, it would make sense that we would look to aide all. Yet we don’t, instead we create a shortage. We produce more than enough food for everyone in the world. We have more homes than we have people living in them. We have a surplus of everything. Yet we sit here and talk of deficit, we have homeless people, children starving in the streets, we have wars and famine, and we talk about bad choices people make. It’s not those who are suffering who have made bad choices. It is those among us who have made us believe we have some sort of resource deficit and that those who are suffering deserve their suffering. I think even people who subscribe to this idea, know deep down there is something wrong with it. I believe that fuels their shittiness toward the less fortunate. Like if they can be cruel enough it will wash away the guilt. I’m not sure, I’m not a psychiatrist. But there is a deficit, a moral deficit in that we believe that somehow Syrian children deserve what they are living through. That somehow African people deserve to work in Cobalt mines as slaves just so we can take a few dollars off the latest iPhone.
That is the reality of the world right now. So many believe there aren’t enough resources to go around, and those who have said resources are worthy due to their “Fill in the Blank”. In reality, there is more than enough for all, and in the drive to create even more we willingly destroy the only place we can call home. In the same instance, we blame those who suffer due to our false deficit and insist they are to blame for their own suffering. I think people get this on some level, even if they don’t realize it. I think if we move our politics in this direction, toward rectifying this situation, toward destroying this system, and helping ALL people, destroying racism, sexism, bigotry, religious hatred, etc., not only will more people vote, but a kinder, more natural humanity will come together, and maybe we can actually fix things before we are all doomed.

Have fun, keep running, and remember; if Gil can run then so can you!

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